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use it our font without risk

The best font you choice in delipensil you can use for your commercial product, so please take a time to see how our license works for you, here license we have to provide to support your product

Standard License | Desktop License

This license best for you if you have own agency, small studios, or personal project you can use this license, but absolutely you can’t distribute of any reasons, so this license you can get for

  • 1 User
  • Unlimited project
  • 2 Computer installation
  • 5 Commercial project
  • Blog : Unlimited project
  • Non monetized social media (Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc) : Unlimited Project
  • Non website usage
  • Non Logo/Logotype issue
  • End product for sale (Product/Prints/Ads/DigitalAssest/Marchendise) : 1000 sales/print/pcs

Web Font License

If you have a website and wanna to use our font, you can use this license for your web

  • 1 Website
  • Web Font only
  • For Licensee’s web app and website license only
  • Embedding font using @font-face
  • Monthly webpage views : 500.000 views

E-Pub License

Delipensil E-Pub license our price as 2x base price per publication, with 10x price for unlimited application base price, but you must contact us when you choose unlimited application

App License

When you still create some application this license best for you

  • 1 Mobile App
  • 1 Website page
  • 1 Game
  • Font embedded on app
  • The price 10x base price

Server License

This license is for you if you need server license to your project and here what include in license

  • 1 Server
  • 1 Website/App
  • Font Embedded on server
  • Monthly web base view : Unlimited Views
  • OTF File

Broadcast License

This license is for you if you need broadcast license to your project and here what include in license

  • 1 Video/Movie/Film
  • 1 TV Commercial Project/Motion Graphic
  • Unlimited Commercial Project
  • Unlimited Thypography for Commercial Project
  • This license include stored/stream content with 1-3 title for a duration of time

Logo Design License

This license is for you if you need our font use to your logo or project and here what include in license

  • 2 User
  • 2 Computer Installation
  • 2 Commercial Project
  • Unlimited personal project
  • Logo/Logotype/B&W/Wordmark/Tagline/Caption
  • Trademark logo
  • Unlimited use digital ads for social media
  • 1 Website
  • End product for commercial : 700.000 /sales/print/pcs

Extended License

If you buy this license you get lifetime limited access, so you can use as long you need it

  • Max 25 User
  • Max 25 Computer Installation
  • Unlimited commercial & personal project
  • Unlimited Logo/Logotype/B&W/Wordmark/Tagline/Caption
  • Monetized social media (Tiktok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc) : Unlimited Use
  • Blog : Unlimited Project
  • End product for commercial : Unlimited /sales/print/pcs
  • Monthly User : Unlimited project

National Corporate License

This license is for you if you need our font to use for corporate license and here what include in license

  • 1 Corporate Brand
  • Unlimited user and installation
  • Unlimited commercial license
  • Unlimited Logo/Logotype/B&W/Wordmark/Tagline/Caption
  • Unlimited website
  • Unlimited E-book publication
  • Unlimited Digital Ads
  • Unlimited Game
  • For Corporate Enterprise

Free Font License | Demo License :

This license when you download our free font its just for demo test, not to commercial use, so you can’t to distribute or use for commercial project you have

Personal License :

The personal license use for your organisation only, you can use for your personal project, but you can’t distribute the font, use for commercial, you must buy another license when you wanna to use as commercial license

Free Commercial License :

The free commercial license you can use our font for your project, use in Logo/Logotype, Headline, Wordmark, Title your blog, and whatever your project you can use it, but you must note when use this license we have some rule below this

  • You must embedding delipensil as copyright reasons, you must place it on your design
  • You can use in PDF, and does too, you must embedding our delipensil trademark
  • You can’t create another font based our font
  • You can’t distribute our font to another third party
  • When you use our font, so you agree our terms to use it

What don’t you do :

We have full license about our font here, and we have terms condition you can’t do, restricted

  • Duplicate font based our font of any reasons
  • Distribute / Resell our font without permission
  • Add more user without license have
  • Convert our font of any extension without permission
  • Use font without license

Ownership :

By entering this agreement, you have already agree all assets and all intellectual property right everything, include copyright, assets, and test font, is full ownership by delipensil

Custom License :

If you download our font in Envato element, your license you get is same like Desktop License

If you need another license you must contact us delipensil, to get more information, and we will provide what license you need for

Still find another License?

You can contact us to get custom license

*Terms and Condition apply

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