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Delip Nugraha

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Bismillah, Halo Everyone, Alhamdulillah for those of you who want to learn about basic UI/UX from scratch, now you can learn online UI/UX Design Basic at home 🙂

In this Online Study, you will be given basic material on how to start learning UI/UX Design, and how you can prepare yourself to enter this circle 🙂

What are you learning?

Previously, you had to know first, so the content of the material is all video, so you can access it anywhere, and there is an offline web version, so all you have to do is open your favorite browser and study there, now let’s take a peek at the contents of the material 🙂

Spoiler content is a bit okay 🙂

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn 🙂

  • Introduction

    A Brief Introduction to UI/UX

  • Get to know UI/UX

    Get to know what UI/UX is

  • Get to know Tools

    Get to know Adobe Illustration

    Get to know Adobe Photoshop

    Get to know Figma

  • Learn to Read Briefs

    Get to know the Client Type

  • Learn to Find Inspiration

    Easy Learning Looking for Inspiration

  • Learn to Make UI Designs

    Make Design Sketches

    Illustration Digitization

  • Learn to Make Prototypes

    Dive into Working Prototypes

  • Bonus Material

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