Online Course Build Design Website from Zero in Bahasa

This is what you’ve been waiting for!

Do you want to learn how to easily make a web design from scratch and be able to make your own classy personal branding? for a portfolio to a large company? create your own business? get millions of money yourself?

This is the solution for those of you who are in their era of marketing products online, online business, online schools, online products, all online, many large companies need Front-End Designers, build your business now, don’t get left behind

Learning Online here, you will get guidance on how to learn to create a website, it turns out to be easy, and you can practice it right away

Personally, when I was able to study the website, there were lots of offers from big companies that contacted me for collaboration, and Alhamdulillah, until now I can still work with them :), it’s time for you to learn too

What will you learn here?

Salah satunya belajar membuat wireframe

Belajar Bagaimana Convert dari figma ke HTML, & More

Take a look our material in Bahasa :)

  • Mengenal Website Personal Branding

    Apa itu website Personal Branding?

    Tools Apa aja dalam membangun website

  • Belajar Membuat Wireframe

    Apa itu Wireframe

  • Belajar Membuat Mockup

    Apa itu Mockup dalam website ?

  • Belajar Mengenal HTML, CSS, dan Javascript

    Belajar Mudah HTML, CSS, dan Javascript

  • Belajar Menggunakan Bootstrap Framework

    Belajar Mudah menggunakan Framewor

    Belajar Mudah Kombinasi dengan Figma

  • Mengenal Web Responsive

    Apa itu Responsive?

  • Materi Bonus

    Materi Bonus Mudah membaca bahasa HTML & More

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